Shift Lab studio photograph

Located in New York City and Lancaster, PA, we are progressive technologists, design-nerds, UXperts, and creative thinkers. We shift industry and culture forward by pushing the bounds of technology.

Design-minded development

Shift Lab is a team of agile, senior-led, design-minded developers. We solve complex challenges through creative technology.

We craft beautiful, user-driven experiences, connecting the dots between client ambition, conceptual design thinking, and thoughtful code. From extending a creative director’s vision in a digital product to reinventing systems that improve our quality of life, we co-create innovative technical solutions.

Transparency, iteration & craft

Our work is strongest when we collaborate with creative partners and business leaders who value transparency, iteration, and craft. We’re for those who seek a team creative, but technical, experimental yet focused; esoteric digital experts who know how to explain things.

Our every effort is bespoke to the creative or cultural technology challenge at hand. An agile development process keeps us open and responsive to every evolving user need. We are one tight-knit team with two locations. Shift’s modern workspaces are located in New York City and Lancaster, Pennsylvania.