We’re an independent product and technology studio 11 years in the making.

Our Culture

We exist to solve ambitious product design and technology challenges, making digital a means for every client to grow and thrive.

Based in New York City with a tight-knit, remote global team, we’re a culture-focused product design and agile development agency that puts people first. By blending teams with the right diversity of expertise on every project, we create bespoke digital products to uniquely impact the people and businesses our clients serve.

Photo of Flatiron building near Shift Lab's NYC headquarters

Our Values

Building is hard. Trial and error is expensive.

Through decades of experience, we’ve identified the values and characteristics that consistently guide teams to success.

Photo of a collaborative space in Shift Lab's NYC studio
We build on our beliefs.


We approach each engagement with positive energy, understanding that it often requires a village to do our best work. While collaboration is a necessary and critical attribute of running an Agile process, we also acknowledge it as being a predictable source of where the best ideas come from.

Photo of a collaborative pod of desks in Shift Lab's studio


The nature of our work often demands we be self-guided and autonomous, thinking about future challenges and the desired state we endeavor to create for our clients. Knowing this, we embrace proactive problem-solving and a perspective encompassing customers’ entire product lifecycle.


We value continuous learning and the pursuit of knowledge while embracing the naturally occurring discomfort of new things. We acknowledge that innovation and big ideas are an output of experimentation and rigorous curiosity.

Photo of the reception area and collaborative space in Shift Lab's New York City studio


We value people as individuals, each with their unique stories, experiences, and perspective. We value openness, transparency, and inclusivity. We commit to creating truly empathetic, user-centric digital products within the context of a discerning and empathetic culture.

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Come join our team of collaborative designers and technologists—makers and builders—who use code and pixels to craft beautiful experiences.

Photo of subway stop near Shift Lab New York City headquarters
Photo of subway stop near Shift Lab New York City headquarters