Our Ideal Collaborators

At Shift Lab, we work best with organizations that rely on digital products to run their business and have a specific problem to solve. Our clients are ambitious by nature and value user experience.

Process +Methodology

An agile approach is imperative to our work. We believe agile engineering—adaptive planning and iterative building—is unparalleled in its ability to power creative craft, collaboration, and considered experiences.

Our Wishlist

While fresh challenges light us up, we keep our eyes open for opportunities to serve in the contexts we have deep expertise.

Image showing a product designed or developed by Shift Lab for Gray Malin

Gray Malin

Known for his signature aerial photography, renowned photographer Gray Malin is also a celebrated lifestyle brand. Shift Lab developed and oversees the e-commerce site, where people can get everything from Gray Malin prints to home and travel goods. Beyond the site, Shift Lab also built a subscription-based AppleTV content application and API that lets people access Gray’s work in their home as digital art.

We understand compliance, privacy, and accessibility. Regardless of the industry you occupy, we respect that your customers are people and seek to understand their needs and how they are experiencing your product.

Image showing a product designed or developed by Shift Lab for Nutshell


Nutshell helps parents create custom parental leave plans so they can spend more time bonding with their newborn. We developed an early-stage product designed to help parents make the most of their state and employer benefits to maximize their parental leave.

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