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  • product + technical strategy

  • wireframing + prototyping

  • product design + design systems

  • cloud architecture

  • agile software development

  • product lifecycle support + maintenance

  • KPIs + performance + analytics

Image showing a product designed or developed by Shift Lab for Gray Malin

Gray Malin

Known for his signature aerial photography, renowned photographer Gray Malin is also a celebrated lifestyle brand. Shift Lab developed and oversees the e-commerce site, where people can get everything from Gray Malin prints to home and travel goods. Beyond the site, Shift Lab also built a subscription-based AppleTV content application and API that lets people access Gray’s work in their home as digital art.

Image showing a product designed or developed by Shift Lab for Uprise Art

Uprise Art

Uprise Art helps people discover original contemporary artwork by emerging artists. Shift Lab built and oversees Uprise Art's e-commerce and content platform, connecting art lovers with pieces by up-and-coming creators.

Image showing a product designed or developed by Shift Lab for Dante Labs

Dante Labs

Dante Labs is a global leader in whole genome sequencing. In addition to launching a B2B portal to help health clinics analyze and create reports using patients’ genomic data, Shift Lab designed, built, and maintained a system to help users register their Dante Labs Whole Genome Sequencing kit, track its status, and access their genomic data.

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