The Agency Profit Podcast: Transitioning From Creator To Agency Owner

Shift Lab

June 2020

Headshot of Shift Lab Founder, Jeremy Jackson

Shift Lab Founder Jeremy Jackson talks with The Agency Profit Podcast about the transition he had to make to take his agency, Shift Lab, to the next level. From being a creative with an agency, to being an agency owner first, he recounts the additional discipline he had to apply to create a more successful business model. We dive into some of the more critical metrics, the changes he started paying attention to, and the results it had on his agency.

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Episode Notes

Listen to Episode 41: Transitioning from Creator to Agency Owner, with Jeremy Jackson

  • Making the move to agency owner 1:57

  • Agency growing pains 4:18

  • Scaling your agency 6:00

  • Advice for novice agency owners 10:36

  • Your Take-Away 12:56

About Jeremy Jackson

As the founder of Shift Lab, Jeremy focuses on projects that couple excellent design and technology, resulting in beautifully-designed digital products for clients as wide-ranging as Google, Comcast, Microsoft, and

Jeremy has worked in product development, UX, graphic design, and development for the web since the mid-’90s and was previously Director of Technology at Method.

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Photo of subway stop near Shift Lab New York City headquarters
Photo of subway stop near Shift Lab New York City headquarters