Dante Labs releases Genome Manager and new AI tools


New Work

Dante Labs is a global genome sequencing and data analysis company specialized on whole genome sequencing. They leverage proprietary analytics to provide people with the most comprehensive genetic tests.

While Whole Genome Sequencing may have cost three billion dollars in 2003, Dante Labs is allowing customers worldwide to unlock the secrets of their Genome for just a few hundred dollars.

Shift Lab is a technical partner to Dante Labs, helping them launch a suite of powerful machine learning, artificial intelligence, data processing, automation, and user-facing tools.

In late 2018, Shift Lab and Dante Labs began work on the Genome Manager: a user-facing web application experience designed to help users better understand their genetic data.

Visual design of the Genome Manager was completed by Airlift, a design and strategy studio based in San Francisco.

Dante Labs launches first whole genome reports powered by artificial intelligence leveraging Amazon Web Services

We are committed to making advanced genetics accessible to everyone.

Dante Labs' approach is to leverage medical information and insights, integrate genomics with medical data, and work with the medical community and doctors, instead of trying to replace them.