Front-End Developer

We Are

A tight-knit team of creative technologists. We use a variety of languages and frameworks to collaborate with startups, nonprofits, corporations, social impact brands, cultural institutions, and more. We collaborate closely with top-tier international design agencies.

Our modern, bright, open office spaces are located in New York City and Lancaster, Pennsylvania. We empower and trust our people, providing ample opportunities for career growth and the option to work remotely Monday and Friday.

You Are

  • A mid to senior career candidate
  • Someone who codes pixel-perfect, responsive designs using a detailed design spec
  • Going to fill in blanks left out of a design comp and suggest how to improve UX
  • Never cutting corners when it comes to design details and user experience
  • Inclined to use SASS or SCSS over CSS or, better yet, styled components
  • Somewhat familiar with CMS tools like Contentful, Wordpress, or ExpressionEngine
  • Horrified by a poorly-factored or repetitive front-end system
  • Self-sufficient when it comes to testing your work
  • Somewhat familiar with Terminal and a few command line tools
  • Versed in: React, Node, Ruby on Rails or other frameworks; Gatsby, Next, or JAM Stack

Together We

Comprise a talented, design-minded team known for producing beautiful, intuitive work.

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